Occupational therapy consists of activities to strengthen patients’ physical, mental, psychological, and psychosocial status and thereby enhance their self supporting lifestyle. Working alongside physiotherapists, occupational therapists at GSIRC improve patients’ day-to-day routines, including dressing, grooming, eating, wheelchair skills, as well as career-oriented activities such as writing, computer skills, and other vocational practices. At GSIRC, Vocational Training Units provide free lessons in tailoring, embroidery, and umbrella making.

At GSIRC, occupational therapists engage patients and their families deal with daily living, education, career and family life. Families are actively involved in the rehabilitation of SCIs by motivating and encouraging them during therapy.

Spinal cord injury is traumatic for persons at any stage of their lives, but it can be an even more harrowing experience for a school-going teenager and working professionals. Since education and career would be significant aspects of their lives, disturbances due to spinal injury leads to depression. At GSIRC, medical treatment and rehabilitation strongly focus on youngsters and professionals returning to a good level of functionality and independence, so that they can return to school or work.